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The Leona Group was formed in 1996 in Michigan by Dr. William Coats, a nationally-recognized leader in education reform.


Our organization is proudly named after Dr. Coats' mother, Leona, whose educational experiences were limited because of societal expectations in the small Ohio rural town that she grew up in. 

Leona symbolizes our company’s commitment to creating educational opportunities for all young people. Our philosophy about schools is that every family deserves a quality choice in free public education.

The Leona Group currently manages over 50 school sites in Arizona, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio and is one of the largest education service providers in the United States. The Leona Group stands firmly on the foundation and belief that all children, regardless of ethnicity or economic status, can learn and achieve. This belief permeates throughout the organization and is vibrant in each Leona-managed school. In order to have life-changing schools, we are determined to have world-class teachers who meet the state and federal requirements, as well as having a deep commitment to The Leona Group’s mission - united by a love for children and their profession. The Leona family believes in bridging the educational gap and empowering our children so that they can reach their unique potential. We believe in educating and inspiring them academically as well as reaching the needs of the whole child. We believe that our children can be the difference we need to see in their community and the world today!

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