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The Leona Group works to provide students a safe, nurturing and respectful learning environment while maintaining high standards of instruction.


All children, regardless of ethnicity or economic status, can learn and achieve. 


  • Developing tailored programs specific to the needs of the community

  • Increasing student academic achievement

  • Providing quality public education options

  • Supporting social, behavioral, and emotional development

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Who We Are

The Leona Group, a family of professionals working to raise the bar in public education, was formed in 1996 in Michigan by Dr. William Coats, a nationally-recognized leader in education reform. ​ TLG currently provides management services to over 20 schools in the Mid-West.


Each school program is tailored to the specific needs of its community and demonstrates continual improvement, as measured by increasing student academic achievement in concert with social, behavioral and emotional development.

What We Do

The Leona Group (TLG) provides a full complement of education management services. We also provide a quality education, safe and family-oriented environment that is committed to teaching and growing the whole-child. TLG provides services in the following areas: academics, business and operational, as well as school start-up support.

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Why We Do It

The Leona family believes in bridging the educational gap and empowering our children so that they can reach their unique potential. We believe in educating and inspiring them academically as well as reaching the needs of the whole-child. We believe that our children can be the difference we need to see in the world today!

  • Our teachers strive to meet or exceed students' projected growth targets due to strong routines and procedures that facilitate rigorous learning in our classrooms.

  • Our academies have a high re-enrollment rate because of dynamically engaging teachers and technology integrated classrooms centered around 21st Century Learning standards.

  • Our annual parent satisfaction survey results are positive due to our family first model, which focuses on wraparound services supporting the development of the whole-child.

  • Our staff members strive to provide a safe and family-orientated environment that exceeds students' educational needs.

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