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Improving life chances.


A system of schools where ALL children can succeed, ALL families are supported, and ALL team members can thrive.


Relationships • Passion • Commitment • Inclusion


Our People

From the corporate office to every school campus we are a team of committed and passionate professionals working together to improve the life chances of our students and families. 

"All we have is people, but having
people is all we's everything."

-Dr. William Coats, Founder of The Leona Group

Our Support Services

The Leona Group provides a foundation of support for public charter and community schools. Our management services provide autonomy to allow each school program to serve the specific needs of their community with a standard of quality education in a safe and family-orientated environment.

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Our Difference

The Leona Group believes in bridging the educational gap and empowering children to reach their unique potential. Inspiring students academically while meeting the needs of the whole child allows them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

"We are not a school system,
we are a system of schools"

-Dr. William Coats, Founder of The Leona Group

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