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Behind the scenes, The Leona Group (TLG) corporate office is led by a team of educators and professionals. Together the passion, dedication and expertise of the entire support team is an integral part of the continued success of our students and schools.  When you partner with us, these leaders and more work collectively to bring your school’s mission and vision to life and help to improve education in the communities we serve.

Georgia Rodgers.jpg

Georgia Rodgers

Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 Years with TLG

Jean Chlebek.jpg

Jean Chlebek

VP of Academics

Over 10 years with TLG

Adam Schnelker.jpg

Adam Schnelker

VP of Property Management

Over 20 years with TLG


Mingcoria Minter

Executive Vice President

Over 20 Years with TLG

Michelle Thomas.jpg

Michelle Thomas

General Counsel

Over 5 years with TLG

Melinda Benkovsky.jpg

Melinda Benkovsky

Chief Financial Officer

Over 15 years with TLG

Kris Ann Geerarts.jpg

Kris Geeraerts

Chief of Staff

Over 25 years with TLG

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